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Sharon Jones-TylerSharon Jones-Tyler
19:49 10 Apr 24
They made my children’s corsage and boutonnière for their prom. They were so sweet and professional.
Mariah LanierMariah Lanier
18:38 07 Apr 24
Beautiful arrangements and excellent customer service!!!
Robert LanierRobert Lanier
23:32 06 Apr 24
amazing flowers and workers. go here if you need flowers, gift baskets or plants!!!
Desmond HunterDesmond Hunter
19:47 06 Apr 24
I ordered flowers from them they didn’t deliver and wen I tried to see why the were rude not letting me talk
Sheryl RigginsSheryl Riggins
19:55 03 Apr 24
First time placing an order. Needed a florist closest to the location of the funeral for a dear friend & coworker. Very pleasant experience and the florals were delivered on time as requested. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for your next day delivery and pleasant service.
Elle DixonElle Dixon
13:33 09 Mar 24
This was my first time visiting this florist and I was extremely dissatisfied with the service I received. However, after speaking with Lynn, I have to commend her for providing exceptional service by re-creating such a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Thank you for outstanding customer care!
Mike ValetMike Valet
22:52 26 Feb 24
Ordered a flower arrangement and candy for my sister-in-law for Valentine's Day. Although the flowers were delivered on Valentine's Day, the candies were not. Although my sister-in-law was happy about receiving flowers on Valentine's Day, she was disappointed with the arrangement that was sent to her. Candies were not delivered with the flowers. Talked to my company where I originally ordered the flowers and candies to complain about the poor arrangement that was delivered, as well as reporting the missing candies, Lucust Grove finally delivered the candies two days later. I would not use florist again. Locust Grove responded and stated they never received an order for the candies on the initial order but the attached picture shows the initial order which included the candies. Hopefully they just missed the order for the candies on the initial order.
Beth ThackstonBeth Thackston
00:00 16 Feb 24
This was the first time we have used them1st they delivered my flowers to the vacant house in front of us and we didn’t find them till 7 pm2nd i received them yesterday on Valentine’s Day and while they are beautiful , they are already half dead .all the small roses are dead and the big ones are wilted and dying.My husband said they were super nice but i hate that my flowers are dying in one dayt to add to this my husband talked to them and they apologized and delivered fresh beautiful flowers and were really nice this will be our florist
16:50 14 Feb 24
My husband sent me flowers on 13 Feb 2024 for Valentine's Day. They were so lovely, we both were excited about the picture perfect beauty and timely delivery of the flowers. Additionally, I called them to let them know how pleased we were 1800flowers chose them to prepare/delivery our arrangement. Happy Valentine's day from our hearts to yours. Thanks again. The Howards (Hampton, GA)
Jordan CollierJordan Collier
22:50 23 Jan 24
17:17 20 Dec 23
My mother ordered a fruit basket and poinsettia from Teleflora delivered to us. We received a small floral arrangement 10" high and 9 " wide from this company. We were told they have the right to substitute. I would not recommend this company to anyone...... I see you answered me, but your answer was incorrect. YOU SUBSTITUTED a 10" flower arrangement (3 white roses, 3 red carnations a pick and sprays) for a $70 fruit basket and poinsettia order. Not even close.
19:19 19 Dec 23
I am in Michigan. I call a different florist and was disgusted. I contacted Lynn at Locust Grove and she went above and beyond. I cannot begin to explain my faith is restored in humanity. The delivery she did is phenomenal. You have new customers forever. I truly thank you!!!!! Merry Christmas 🎄♥️🎄
kryptik basiliskkryptik basilisk
19:35 14 Dec 23
Horrible service woman rushed me off the phone after asking a simple question
Ralph GreerRalph Greer
04:36 02 Nov 23
I guess I should have looked at the reviews. Ordered flowers with a balloon and delivery. Flowers were delivered with no balloon. I just want what I paid for.
My family in Miami sent us flowers for our 15th wedding anniversary on 10/4. They were absolutely beautiful, fresh and they lasted 11 days! Thank you so much for putting together a beautiful arrangement.
kalisha gardenkalisha garden
22:19 16 Jun 23
Gorgeous arrangements
Delores PaschallDelores Paschall
16:47 03 Jun 23
Terrible! Ordered through a 3rd party vendor….the arrangement that was delivered was PITIFUL! Looked nothing like what I ordered! Embarrassing!
Michael ClarkMichael Clark
15:00 22 Apr 23
First off the staff was very friendly while on the phone taking the order. I sent my husband to pick the corsage up which was my first mistake. He didn’t know anything about corsages so he got it and left. This is the smallest corsage I have ever seen in my life. It looks like it is for a child with the smallest flowers ever! The flowers are not pretty at all. I let the lady know who took the order that the dress was multicolored and I wanted light and dark purple. She said orange would be pretty with it. There is no orange anywhere in the corsage. Now I have to hope this small corsage will fit a 17 year old! I wish I would have read the reviews first because if I had I would not have ordered from this company.
Kimberly KierbowKimberly Kierbow
22:10 08 Apr 23
Currently sidelined with a knee issue & my friend in Charlotte, NC surprised me yesterday with this BEAUTIFUL Easter arrangement yesterday. The flowers smell amazing and the basket of blooms is gorgeous! Thank you for making my day brighter!
Hieran AndeberhanHieran Andeberhan
18:02 03 Apr 23
The team at Locust Grove is kind and flexible. They were willing to work with me to deliver at a location further away than their average drive, and they delivered the flowers on time. The flowers are beautiful!
Patty BrownPatty Brown
00:20 22 Mar 23
Item received was not as pictured on Telaflora but the Sympathy Basket was Beautiful and contained so many comforting treats and the main items were as pictured! My grieving family were touched and VERY happy with the freshness of the fruit and the variety and quality of the snacks! THANK YOU!!
Danielle NashDanielle Nash
03:48 17 Feb 23
The staff was pleasant. In store I was quoted a price of $125 for an urn wreath. I called to place the order and then was told it’d be between $134-$152 and if it was more “she” would call in the morning and let me know. The day of the funeral I checked my banking account and I had been charged $183.59. I had never received a phone call concerning any additional charges or for change in price due to flower availability, etc.I also assured them of the location and time they needed to be there by. They told me they would have them right over as soon as their shop opened up at 9am; because I needed them there BEFORE 2pm. I arrived at the church at 1:25pm, and the flowers had not arrived. My husband called at 1:35pm and was toldyes, we are working on them right now.” I will be calling first thing in the morning. I have been with family all day and not able to deal with this until now. The arrangement is not worth the charge on my card; and the flowers didn’t arrive until after the funeral had started.
Amber GillamAmber Gillam
14:05 30 Dec 22
0 stars. I ordered birthday flowers for my daughter TWENTY days ahead of time and scheduled a delivery date. On the delivery date I called twice throughout the day to ask for an estimated time of delivery (because they do not provide updates) and the calls were not pleasant. One of the calls estimated around 4pm which makes no sense if your business hours end at 5pm. Ultimately my daughter didn't get her delivery of mediocrity until almost 8pm. My money and my order were not a priority and my daughter's day was over at that point. I called and left a message expressing this and have yet to receive a call back. Worst place ever.
La TashaLa Tasha
20:36 08 Dec 22
I should’ve looked at reviews before placing an order- a friend was having a bad day yesterday so I decided to send some flowers 😞 bad decision because they arrived with a lackluster arrival. Flowers brightens people days but not these- I feel like I wasted $175 and would’ve favored better going to Kroger. Judge for yourself the site versus what was received.
Megan VohasekMegan Vohasek
20:56 11 Aug 22
Husband ordered flowers and balloon for my birthday. I liked them but he was disappointed on the very small size for the price he paid. The balloon was always half deflated and less than 24 hours later it was on the ground. A few of the flowers were already brown less than 24 hours later too.
Samantha PardenSamantha Parden
17:09 21 Jul 22
Staff was super helpful on the phone, the flowers were absolute terrible, dead, and not even what was ordered. The arrangement was just simply ugly. I understand sometimes things may run out but no one even notified to let us know they didn't have the type of flowers that were ordered. If they were unable to fulfill the order the least the could do is reach out and let someone know so we could have gone a different route. Absolutely embarrassing experience. When we called after delivery they let us know they didn't have the vase or flowers so they put this together and did not even offer any kind of refund or remake. We will never use Locust Grove Flowers again. This is what a premium floral order will get you. Save your money and go to Kroger. This picture was taken right after delivery.
John BealJohn Beal
22:42 14 Jul 22
Today was our Anniversary, I ordered a dozen roses and a Happy Anniversary balloon for my wife to be delivered to her work and explained it needed to be delivered by 5:00 pm. She is still at work because I told her they said they would be there by 7:00pm. When I called them at 4:30 pm. It is now 6:38 pm and no flowers. These people ruined mine and my wives Anniversary by their unprofessional services.
Jamie StaraceJamie Starace
03:53 12 Feb 22
Beautiful arrangement. My wife and I couldn't have been happier. They delivered quickly and the staff was very helpful with placing the order.
Belinda ChambersBelinda Chambers
02:31 29 Oct 21
We have gotten everything from flower arrangements to goody baskets from Locust Grove Florist. Their service has always been top notch. As with most service industry businesses, they have struggled during the pandemic to get employees but they have never let our family down. They are my one and only go to florist!
ElizabethTony TatumElizabethTony Tatum
23:47 18 Oct 21
These guys are great their attention to detail has never been off above and beyond as always.
Anthony TatumAnthony Tatum
00:45 24 Sep 21
These guys are Awesome! The Attention to detail is always on point.